Giant Superplexus

Ten years have passed since Erin Montague got my foot in the door. Fulfilling a lifelong dream is no easy task. I have planned on making very large versions of Superplexus since the late 1970s. Building a model of my first Giant Superplexus is just the beginning of this new journey. My goal is to interest science museums, malls, airports, corporations, cities, and the like, into letting me build huge Superplexii in spheres, floating on a cushion of air.

Watch a movie from the unveiling of GIANT SUPERPLEXUS at the Maker Faire (May 19th and 20th). For two full days people played with the open model (no sphere), made with foam core and matboard on a three ring gimbal. Kids from 6 years old to adults of all ages enjoyed the game non-stop!

My daughter Laura with the giant Superplexus

Note February 2014: There should be new content here relatively soon.