Superplexus Circles

Birch Plywood, Acrylic Domes, Stainless Steel, Jatoba

Circles, as the name implies, is chock-full of rings. They intersect, align, diverge, explode, and morph across its 240′ length*. It also contains around 240 plane changes. The term “circus” also comes to mind, which has a similar root, and presents an intricate array of ball rolling acrobatics, including a tightrope and a gondola. Five commissions have been produced in diameters both 24″ and 36″. No two are ever alike, as the design continually improves, and adjustments to difficulty are made by request.
*36″ version

Enclosed in a sphere and centered on a gimbal, this piece moves in every direction with the slightest touch, allowing the player to guide a ball along its path. It is part of the “Kinetic” series.

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