Athanasy II

304 Stainless Steel, Limestone

Athanasy II is a small outdoor sculpture designed for private, intimate gardens. Athanasy means deathless, or immortal. Similar to Percorso di Vita, it reveals the cycle of nature, and how life builds upon itself. This work contains a split throughout the path, so that two surfaces run alongside one another separated by a void. The void is metaphorical. Out of the void comes life, the universe; everything. The void is a necessary component of nature. The thinness of the lines makes this work delicate, with more light and air passing through it. The path also traverses the ring set upon the stone base. The base is an open limestone assembly of three parts that are interlocked. Athanasy’s stainless steel structure is cut from 12 gauge sheet, and hand-sanded to give a shimmer to its surface, enhancing its form.