304 Stainless Steel, Fiberglass-Reinforced Cement

Entwined was commissioned to be in natural surroundings. It is very nearly site-specific, as it was designed to interact with the objects around it as well as with the clients themselves. The scale of the piece competes with trees and other natural forms because although it is only 48″ in diameter, the reflectance of its surfaces creates a dynamic, ever-changing visual display. As the sun rises and falls, atmospheric changes occur, and the plants go through their natural cycles, Entwined picks up and disburses the colors of the world around it. This also occurs as one walks around it.

The work is composed of two distinct, yet completely entwined pathways. Very few elements are fully integrated with only one of the paths, most share equally between both. The two systems are so enmeshed that it is structurally impossible to separate them. This represents the relationship between the couple who commissioned the sculpture. It was very gratifying for me to create this work for them. My respect for their relationship inspired me to conceive of the entwined form.

The stainless steel’s surface finish was achieved by carefully hand-sanding along its contours. Each side of every piece is sanded 20 times to deepen the shimmer. This is the equivalent of hand-sanding a strip of metal one mile long.

Winter and Summer photos courtesy of Mary Pierce.