Superplexus Luna

Birch Plywood, Acrylic Domes, Stainless Steel, Honduras Mahogany

Luna derives its name from its crater-like aesthetic. A delicate set of pathways defines this interactive piece, giving it an airy quality, where visibility is paramount. The paths are created in a split-rail fashion, which allows the ball to travel along an open groove. Throughout the sculpture, difficulty is adjusted by channel width variations rather than the addition or subtraction of rails. An interesting effect on the ball is that narrow rails increase its traveling speed, nearing its rotational velocity. On wider rails, the ball spins much faster than it traverses. Play is fluid and challenging along its 140 plane changes and 125′ of path. Four 24″ diameter private commissions have been made.

Enclosed in a sphere and centered on a gimbal, this piece moves in every direction with the slightest touch, allowing the player to guide a ball along its path. It is part of the “Kinetic” series.